Problem #1

A new law,effective January 1, 2018, is changing the way homes are sold in Portland. The new Law will require Homeowners to obtain and disclose a Home Energy Report designed to estimate the energy-related use, associated costs, and cost-effective solutions to improve the home’s efficiency. While the new law is designed to bring us all a greener Portland, certain aspects of this change will impact the process of selling a home AND your wallet.

ADDITIONAL COSTS TO SELLERS! Home Energy Score Reports can cost upwards of
$300. Lump that on top of Realtor fees and other expenses accrued in the preparation of the sale of
your home and it becomes another dent in your profits.

Problem #2

DELAYS! The Home Energy Score Reporting is in its early stages, and there is currently
a shortage of Licensed Assessors who are readily available when you are.


LIST BEFORE THE NEW YEAR with Sara Peterson! If you get your home on the market before January 1st,2018, you can avoid the Home Energy Score requirement altogether. Call today for more information.

CALL PETERSON HOME INSPECTION! Mike Peterson, licensed Home Inspector and
certified Energy Score Assessor, provides Home Energy Reports (Sellers) and Home Inspection Reports
(Buyers), along with a special discount for households who may need both. Call to inquire about
competitive pricing and ask about additional discounts for our honored American Veterans.